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We are actually made up of 2 groups offering support to homeschooling families.

Learn Inspire Nurture Knowledge & Support (LINKS) is our Homeschool Academic Co-op.
We are a group of Christian families who come together each week to teach our children those classes for which a group setting is necessary.

Christian Home Educated Children (CHEC) is our support group for homeschool families in the Central Massachusetts area.
We usually have a few events a year for the moms and a couple's dinner for both parents.

The purpose of our group is to provide the following:
To support parents who have chosen to homeschool through fellowship. prayer, and practical help.
A forum for information on homeschooling to help beginners to get a good start, and to help experienced homeschoolers in any new challenges they face.

Due to the private nature of the information on our site, you will need a login and a password to learn more about our group. If you would like join CHEC, please contact us at info@checlinks.org to request a registration form.

To see a list of our values, please click here.

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